These are the 5 factors you’ll need to build a profitable Internet business.

Together, the 5 factors are called the Entrepreneur’s Blueprint, because it’s the combination of all 5 factors that lead to success.

(don’t panic if you don’t have all these–I’m going to show you some massive shortcuts)

TRAITS – you need the right mindset, attitude, and expectations
KNOWLEDGE – you need the right info and understanding of how to do it
PROCESS – you need a repeatable money-making process that works
SKILLS – you need certain marketing and technical abilities
TOOLS – you need the right tools to simplify and automate your business

It’s the combination of these 5 things that make you a successful online marketer. And this is where it breaks down for the 95% of would-be marketers…

They try to build an Internet business without all 5 and struggle:

Without the right traits you’ll give up too quickly, fail to recognize what’s working, and not have the persistence to make it

Without the right knowledge you’ll keep trying random things and fail to focus on the right things you need to do

Without the right process you’ll get inconsistent results and have no way to scale or grow your income

Without the right skills you won’t be able to create marketing funnels that convert and make you money

Without the right tools you’ll spend too much time on manual tasks and not have enough left for what’s important

So you need ALL 5 factors–the complete Internet Lifestyle Formula–to build a profitable online business…

But here’s the cool part–you only need ONE factor to get started–TRAITS. The other 4 can be learned, outsourced, and bought. (In fact, I’m going to teach you what you need to know right here…)

But if you don’t have the right TRAITS you’re doomed. You can’t be successful without them. No joke.

Building an Internet business is awesome–it’s fun, it’s rewarding, it’s liberating. But it does take some time and some effort to do it.

(Small ‘price’ to pay for a continuous income stream that pays you forever and gives you the freedom to live how you want on your own terms, though…)

For traits, you need…

the mindset of a business owner and not an opportunity seeker.

Business owners think and commit long-term and understand building anything worthwhile takes some time. They focus on creating value and helping others solve their problems and the money they make is the result of the value they create.

Business owners will succeed and make money–it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’

Opportunity seekers try to make a quick buck. They commit to nothing and want instant results with no work. They buy and try product after product and junk them and start over when they don’t make money overnight. They set out to make money as the result with no interest or attempt to create value or help solve problems.

Opportunity seekers will never make any money–they just keep spending on one failure after another until they run out of money or give up.

You also need…

to invest some time and energy, be open to learning new things, and be persistent enough to keep pushing through roadblocks or obstacles.

If you don’t have that stuff…quit now. Save yourself time and money because you won’t be successful. Focus on your job and forget trying to build a business because it’s not for you.

That’s not a knock–building a business isn’t right for everyone. That’s just the simple truth.

If you do have the traits–if you’ll focus on creating real value and solving your customers’ problems, and you’ll commit to making it happen no matter what it takes–then click the link below to move on and we’ll talk about getting you the other 4 factors you need…

I’ve got the TRAITS…show me how to get the knowledge, process, skills, and tools