Internet Lifestyle Formula – Part 7

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“Hi Brett, This has got to be the most honest and easy to understand training I have seen as a newby. Thank you”


“First, may I say that Brett Ingram is the perfect teacher. He lays everything out step by step and the reasons behind what you’re doing, and it’s really easy to follow along with him.”

“hello..I just wanted to tell you that this is the best site i seen ever,,This is top class..I been looking for a home to make money and build a real business,,thank god i clicked on the link..I can see my spending all my money on junk has come to a end,,the more i learn,i am new to this ..i lost so much money..I will make money here,,i am sure i will,,and spend it here to..I learned that you take care of the one that dose you right,,,I that you care and that ends up with loyal members…”

Jimmy Cardinale

“Thank you, Brett! It’s a pleasure to hear someone thinking and talking about good IM marketers as of human beings, not just cold money-making machines! I do believe that you cannot expect to get some “honest” money for anything you do without taking good care of the possible response from the people involved – as customers, spectators, or just friends. It is true – any business needs patience, some knowledge, good practice, positive – but not selfish aims, consistency of program and process, good work and good will, and a good sense of responsibility. What I dislike most at the IM scene is such a strong tendency to make money on human naive credulity and – as you say – the so called “magical effect of the internet”. You’re among those who try to make it different and thank you for what you do!”

Wishing you all the best,

“Hi Brett,

Another very good presentation. Thanks ! Again, a summary at the end may be considered. I was certainly interested in your use of the the Word Press system and your explanation. The review of the next part gets the appetite whetted fot the next installment. !!

P.S. Thanks for your time and effort !!”

“Great presentation that is short and goes to the point without all the hoopla that accompanies internet videos and especially the hour(s) long webinars that are so prevalent on the web today. I have been very impressed so far by your degree of knowledge, business acumen, professionalism, and sincerity. This is kind of a rarity for internet marketing now a days and the reason much of it gets a bad name.

I’m not even sure how I first discovered you or maybe you discovered me through maybe Eric Holmlund, another exemplary guy such as yourself, but I’m glad I did and will continue to be a loyal follower. By the way I just printed and read your ‘Internet Marketing Implementation Blueprint’ Ebook and that was even more insightful than this video. I’m looking forward to the other parts to come and thanks for the products and training.”


“Clear and simple! Although we all know what is needed to build a list, in this video things are said in a clear and simple way. It should not be complicated to build a good list, one only needs to keep things SIMPLE.

Thanks for the reminder, sometimes we need someone to bring us back to earth.”

Yaacov Gafni

“Thank you for your clear instructions. Your training and examples very informative. I feel fortunate to be a member of your program.”


“Amazing training, delivers in every way and then some, exactly what we need and want, helpful, informative & to the point – priceless!
Cheers Brett!”

Jan Sherman

“I really enjoyed the part of the video where you were talking about the ROI of an ad that costs .50 a click and you asked “is it worth it”. Then you talked about the lifetime worth of that customer. I never looked at advertising that way before. Thanks for the eye opener.”


“Would just like to say that these videos that you have provided have helped me to understand the different aspects of internet marketing so well that i am starting to feel a lot more confident that i will be able to make some money using your techniques.”


“Hi Brett:

I really enjoyed this video on the Core Business. You brought up items that I was wondering about and how to put them together. I’m just sorry that I didn’t get to this much sooner. Looking forward to more information in your other videos and then taking the action to succeed. Thank You”

John Antaya


I just wanted to say you are doing a whale of a job.

You made me realize I made a few mistakes on my blog,
so I hopped right over there and corrected them in a heartbeat.

I have re-purposed content before but I never thought about
spinning the articles for even more content and backlinks.”

James Derr

“Great stuff Brett! As a professional trainer and coach I can spot quality training. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the training you have available. After all, the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement!”

Rich Meyer

“Thank you for giving so much content without pushing your product down our throats. You show your integrity by practicing what you preach. I would have to say this segment was a bit long. To sit and listen to a computer that long causes one to lose focus on the topic.”


“I have purchased several of your products and really like your teaching style; calm and relaxed, but always full of extra ideas.”

Patricia Moore

“Hi Brett.I think this video was very interesting and helpful.I think it really helps when you are helpful to people because you gain their trust and its not easy nowadays.Looking forward for your part 2…”


“Brett…You have really taken a lot of time to teach how to develop an internet business. I am amazed (but following you for a long time, not really) at the amount of information you have shared. This should be the road map on how to begin the internet lifestyle. Thank you for sharing so much good information.”


“I have purchased your review sites program. You come across as totally honest and sincere and w/out hype.
when they start showing cars, houses etc, that is when I delete.

You really do come across as honest, sincere, and believable. I have been around long enough to know.
I am going to tell my daughter-in-law about this. (she has been a business owner) and try to persuade her to try it.”

Pat Volk

“Thanks Brett,

Very down-to-earth.
I didn’t realize the marketing change that’s evolved in the recent past.”

Carl Gresk

“Thank you Brett.! Don’t know you from ADAM but have always enjoyed your approach. Been lost in the recession last few years,would like to scale down from 9-5 and start something…… Not a techie but the brain is still functioning. Long term cash would be great-just need a hand!! Thanks again…”


It’s time to live YOUR freestyle,


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    Hi Brett,

    Thank you so very much.

  2. Ron says:

    Thanks Brett. Truly wonderful, to the point, information.


  3. Igor says:

    I am IN.

    Thanks Brett indeed 🙂


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