Do you want the
fastest, easiest, and
most direct path from
where you are
to where you want to be
with your Internet business
so you can really
start making money
instead of just spending it
Here’s the stone cold truth
that path is different
for everyone
What YOU need to be successful
and build your Internet business
is not the same as what
other people need
it depends upon what level
you’re already at
how much marketing
experience you have
what kind of Internet
business you want to build
whether you have
technical skills
what your goals are…
and a bunch of other stuff
Your path to success is
as unique as you are
But all products and services
out there that are supposed
to make you money
are one-size-fits-all
It just doesn’t
make any sense
So if you’ve been struggling or finding it tough to get results
it’s actually no surprise
You’ve been trying
to mine for gold with
spoons and dynamite
No matter how hard you try,
how persistent you are, or
how much you spend
you’ll never be
successful that way
You’ll just end up broke,
frustrated, and feeling
like a failure
But it’s not YOU
that’s the problem
it’s the bad advice and
flawed marketing products
that are leading you
down the wrong path…
…the path that makes the
marketers who sold you the
stuff wealthy and you broke
So how do you get the tools,
skills, and help you need?
to help you build your business
from where it is now
to where you want it to be

Breakthrough, complete
Internet marketing platform
live online training followed
by Q & A every week
marketing tools, done-for-you services, resell rights products,
a huge online training library,
and even 1-on-1 coaching
free traffic, viral advertising,
and solo emailing
to help you build your
Internet business from
wherever it is now
to where you want it to be
faster, easier, and more directly
than any other way
* NO more confusion
NO more overwhelm
NO more feeling alone

NO more spending
NO more jumping
* NO more struggling

Get live weekly training
Get the answers you need
Get the tools you need

Get done-for-you websites
Get products to resell
Get 1-on-1 coaching

Get traffic to your sites
Get viral advertising
Get solo emailing

IM Springboard is a
complete marketing platform
it’s NOT a specific marketing strategy or tactic
It fits YOU and the business
you want to build
Instead of you fitting it
and needing to start over
So it will work for you…

If you’re a newbie
If you’re experienced
In any niche or business
Tech skills or not

You customize your own
experience to get exactly
what you need
And YOU decide what
training we’ll cover and
how the platform evolves
so you can really start making money instead of just spending it
Here’s how it works…
When you become an
IM Springboard member

You get access to live
online marketing training
sessions every week
complete with Q & A
So you learn new marketing strategies, tactics, and skills and can start using them instantly
to build your business
Every session will be recorded
and you can access them any time so you’ll never miss the content
You’ll also get unlimited access
to online marketing tools like

eCover Graphic Creator
Squeeze Page Creator
Video Squeeze Page Creator
Website Graphics Creator
Facebook Fanpage Creator
Automatic Backlink Generator
More coming…

they are all easy to use,
take just minutes, and
require NO tech skills
so you can create professional websites and get traffic to them
simply and easily even if you’re new
You get access to exclusive
web traffic, viral advertising,
and solo emailing tools
so you get traffic to your sites
and get your promo emails out to
1,000s of prospects every week
and you get unlimited access
to the online training library
100s of videos and guides for
marketing and tech skills


You’ll also get points to spend every month on whatever YOU need most…
traffic blogs, review sites, and membership sites you choose custom options for and
we setup for you

marketing tools, graphic sets, website themes, niche content, resell rights products,

and even website critiques, product or idea evaluations,
and 1-on-1 coaching
Get whatever YOU need most
to build your Internet business
and IM Springboard
is always growing
we use your feedback to decide
what live training topics to cover,
tools to add, and services to offer
More on that stuff in a minute…
Brett Ingram
I’m here to help you
I’ve been a full-time Internet marketer for 5 years
I’ve generated well over the
7-figure mark in online revenue
I’ve launched 25+ products
JV partnered with most of
the top marketers
what makes me uniquely qualified to help you is that I have a mix of technical AND marketing skills
most marketers can only help you with what to do but not how to do it
so you’re left to figure it out
on your own
which is why so many people
struggle to get results with
Internet marketing
There is a disconnect between
what to do and how to do it
since most marketers just hand
the work off their only advice is
for you to hire someone
(which is fine for them because
they are making money but it’s
a lot tougher to do if you aren’t!)
I’ve helped more marketers
than I can count start and
grow their businesses


I’ve done it myself,
I’ve helped others do it,
and I want to help YOU, too
I’ve seen so many marketers
get frustrated, overwhelmed,
and give up because they
can’t get results
I don’t want that to happen to you
so I created IM Springboard
for exactly that reason
to help you grow your business
by giving you exactly what you need exactly when you need it
so you don’t need to piece together a bunch of random tools, tactics, advice and cross your fingers
that you can make it work
With IM Springboard you
get everything you need
in the same platform
regardless of what level
you’re at or what type of
Internet business you’re building
Let’s take a closer look
at all your getting as an
IM Springboard member

Points to spend every month
on whatever you need

Points rollover so you
can spend them now
on what you need
or save them to use on
higher ticket items

You’re getting nearly everything
you need to succeed as an
Internet marketer
in one complete
marketing platform
so you get what you need
when you need it
(not just blind advice you need
to then figure out how to use
and not just a ton of stuff
dumped on you to that fills your hard drive and overwhelms you)
And IM Springboard has
a rating system so you
decide how it grows and
evolves to help you
We are adding new stuff continuously and using your feedback to decide what to add
You saw it’s worth over $3,500
and that’s the 1st month alone
$500 per month
would be a fair price
Many coaching programs charge that and all you get is advice
IM Springboard gives you everything you need to be successful
You may never need to buy
another marketing product
But at $500 per month it would
be out of reach for most people
I designed this platform to
help YOU get results
so here’s what I’m going to do
If you commit to really using
IM Springboard
and take action to build your business and get results
you can lock in your membership,
complete with all the benefits
for just $97 per month
That’s only $3.23 per day or less
than 1 cup of premium coffee
for a complete Internet business
building platform where you can

IM Springboard is the fastest, easiest, and most direct way
to go from where you are
to where you want to be in
your Internet business
I don’t want anything to
stop you from succeeding
so I’ll even take ALL
of the risk

It’s this clear and simple
at this ridiculous low price
for all of these benefits
1 of 2 things will happen
You’ll either finally achieve the success you’ve been after
you’ll discover that Internet
marketing isn’t for you
because I’m setting
you up for success
and doing it at an
investment so low
that if you can’t build a
successful Internet business
with IM Springboard
it’s probably not going
to happen for you
I am 100% committed to
this and to helping YOU
If you’re committed and
ready to start getting results
then let’s do this together
Click the button to get started

You’ll get instant access
to the Members Area
and you’ll have taken
the first step that you’ll look
back on as the turning point
…the one key thing you did
that helped you more than anything
else build your Internet business
Click the button now

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