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63 Responses to Internet Lifestyle Formula Part1

  1. Pete says:

    Thank you Brett.! Don’t know you from ADAM but have always enjoyed your approach. Been lost in the recession last few years,would like to scale down from 9-5 and start something…… Not a techie but the brain is still functioning. Long term cash would be great-just need a hand!! Thanks again……Pete.

  2. Carl Gresk says:

    Thanks Brett,

    Very down-to-earth.
    I didn’t realize the marketing change that’s evolved in the recent past.

    Looking forward to part 2.


  3. Jim says:

    Brett…I have been following you and your systems for a long time, but have not taken the “plunge” or your advice. This series is great and truly states how to begin the process from a successful internet marketer. Thank you for your insight and maybe now I can begin to create a business that will allow me to taste the internet lifestyle. Thanks again Brett..


  4. Sonia says:

    Thanks Brett!

    Hope I’ll make it this time. Looking forward to part 2.


  5. Roy says:

    Thanks very much Brett, A very clear presentation . You forgot to summarise the points at the end (the 60 / 40 or 80 /20 rule !) If you pick up 60% of the info in the main pesentation then you might get up-to 40% with the recap. Then give us time to write it down for good measure ! Your warmth came through very well.. The change over you describe is really a complete change of attitude from an employee aspect to that of a business person(perhapse a growing up stage ?).

    Looking forward to next Part 2 !!

    Kind Regards = Roy

  6. Sumit says:

    Thanks Brett for sharing this valuable information.

  7. Frank says:

    Great presentation that is short and goes to the point without all the hoopla that accompanies internet videos and especially the hour(s) long webinars that are so prevalent on the web today. I have been very impressed so far by your degree of knowledge, business acumen, professionalism, and sincerity. This is kind of a rarity for internet marketing now a days and the reason much of it gets a bad name.

    I’m not even sure how I first discovered you or maybe you discovered me through maybe Eric Holmlund, another exemplary guy such as yourself, but I’m glad I did and will continue to be a loyal follower. By the way I just printed and read your ‘Internet Marketing Implementation Blueprint’ Ebook and that was even more insightful than this video. I’m looking forward to the other parts to come and thanks for the products and training.

  8. Willy says:

    I trust you being a friend of Eric. Nice teaching, wait for the next one.

  9. Pat volk says:

    I have purchased your review sites program. You come across as totally honest and sincere and w/out hype.
    when they start showing cars, houses etc, that is when I delete.
    You really do come across as honest, sincere, and believable. I have been around long enough to know.
    I am going to tell my daughter-in-law about this. (she has been a business owner) and try to persuade her to try it.

  10. lenny says:

    Hi Brett, I am a 73 year old NEWBIE, have been online for about a year, recently thought I could start an online business. I have never been promised so much! nearly everybody can set me up with an instant business, not any business, but one where you just pay a small amount of money, make two clicks, and you wake up in the morning with 1,000,000$ in your account. AT LAST Iseem to have come across somebody in the real world. I enjoyed your part one and look forward to part two.

  11. helen says:

    You really make it appear really easy with your presentation however I to
    find this topic to be actually one thing that I feel I’d by no means understand. It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I am looking ahead for your next put up, I’ll try to get the dangle of it!

  12. Anna says:

    Hi Brett.I think this video was very interesting and helpful.I think it really helps when you are helpful to people because you gain their trust and its not easy nowadays.Looking forward for your part 2 .tks

  13. Ron says:

    Thanks Brett. I appreciate your up-to-date information of what is happening with internet marketing.

  14. Tim says:

    Well said… just need to find the begining

  15. I have purchased several of your products and really like your teaching style; calm and relaxed, but always full of extra ideas. This comes a bit too late for me though. I just threw in the towel a few days ago. After a year of trying, the internet has sucked me dry and I have no money left. It was lots. So I encourage everyone to soldier on but work on one product at a time. This isn’t child’s play.

  16. Rich Meyer says:

    Great stuff Brett! As a professional trainer and coach I can spot quality training. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the training you have available. After all, the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement!

  17. vida says:

    Thank you, Brett! It’s a pleasure to hear someone thinking and talking about good IM marketers as of human beings, not just cold money-making machines! I do believe that you cannot expect to get some “honest” money for anything you do without taking good care of the possible response from the people involved – as customers, spectators, or just friends. It is true – any business needs patience, some knowledge, good practice, positive – but not selfish aims, consistency of program and process, good work and good will, and a good sense of responsibility. What I dislike most at the IM scene is such a strong tendency to make money on human naive credulity and – as you say – the so called “magical effect of the internet”. You’re among those who try to make it different and thank you for what you do!
    Wishing you all the best,

  18. Doug Sand says:

    Thanks for sharing Brett! You’re right, not everybody takes the time or puts out the extra effort to help other people at the start. So I think that your free training is GREAT! Thank you!

  19. Jose says:

    Thanks Brett, this was very informative am looking forward to Part2.

  20. John J Morin says:

    just checking this out something got to work for me hope this will

  21. terry says:

    Nice and well said tried so many MLM”S and affilate Programs and will say the same as so many others , Its been a Ride that was’nt an Enjoyable one, So it would be nice to finally after countless hours and wasted money find something that just works Period.

  22. gerald says:

    Brett I really enjoyed your presentation it gave me a good look at the way I have been doing things. Now after seeing your presentation I will think a lot differen’t about this from now on. I look forward to part two Brett Thanks

  23. jason says:

    good info more like this wood be good

  24. John Deese says:

    Thanks Brett;
    You are dead on with this video about revealing the truth between Business owners and opportunity seekers. Love that!

  25. Kenneth Johnson says:

    Dear Brett I was impress on how you broke everything down especially the process,but could you clarified something,
    In your money making process you say to segment certain things in the process what do mean by that.

    Kenneth Johnson

  26. powa says:

    big thanks for sharing Brett!

  27. thanks bert im sherry from arkansas i have 4websites im pomoting but cant get traffic and no sales can you give me some tips Thank You Sherryh

  28. Excellent … thank you Brett. Looking forward to the next one …

  29. Tony says:

    To the point, none of the usual blurb that goes on forever, don’t need the hype of the lengthy proofs of gazillions earned. B.S. Thanks for the down to earth stuff. Lets see what we can learn.

  30. Anthony says:

    thank you I hope I can do this

  31. Bob Cape says:

    Keep up the good Work

  32. Jerry says:

    Thank You’ Brett grate video and godbless you and yours—–Jerry

  33. Malcolm says:

    Hey Brett,
    I have been following you for a long time and have used some of your free as well a paid products. Like everyone else I have tried many products and systems marketed by the internet experts with little or no results… I must say your presentation made me look at what I am doing. I have concluded that I am guilty of not acting like a business and your presentation is going to make me re-vamp my methods. I’ve followed the ways of successful internet marketers and only looked at the end results and not the steps in between. I look forward to Part 2

  34. Liliya says:

    thank you very interesting

  35. ramos says:

    Thanks for sharing Brett it is excellent

  36. Nathan says:

    Well Brett,

    The information you’ve shared makes sense. I have lost thousands of dollars over the last few years for too many of the absolutely guaranteed money making miracle scams and frauds. I am looking forward to what you have to come next. But I am still expecting the usual “You got my free stuff, but now if you really want to make the real money, then pay me a lot of cash.”

  37. Sally says:

    Thanks Brett, I have been struggling for two years, and have several websites online, but can’t get traffic, without paying, and that is a problem at present. Be interested in hearing how to correct this situation. My understanding of SEO and keywords is probably the problem, but it is hard to rectify.

  38. Sally says:

    By the way I can understand what happens to the emails affiliate marketers send out. I used to read them all, but now my inbox is totally flooded by emails totally unsolicited, and my spam box just gets trashed as I am unable to read 1000’s of emails spam or otherwise on a daily basis. I only read what i want to read and delete all others.

  39. elaine says:

    good like it down to earth thank you.

  40. Robert says:

    Very good , thanks Brett, looking forward to more.

  41. Luciano says:

    I agree with most of the guys and gals here who have at least implied that you´ve really come across as being one of the fresher “experts” on the Internet who goes directly to the center of things, instead of showing off your fake worldly possessions. Thanks a lot for sharing with this former corporate executive trying to become a full-time Internet marketer.
    Keep it up Brett!

  42. Saratha says:

    thanksfor sharing. Im look up for the next part…

  43. Hi Brett.
    Thanks for the information,looking forward to the
    rest of the video’s.

  44. poppi says:

    thanks for the info…so what next?

  45. ritam1 says:

    Thanks for sharing Brett, I look forward to Part 2…

  46. Mike Bigall says:

    Thank you for the info.That is some of what I’m looking for.

  47. Monica says:

    Hi Brett .. I just want to say that as a newbie to internet marketing, I never thought about the business mind set .. However,
    it really makes a lot of sense … Also, I understand problem solving and creating value for the customer … I try to be very careful
    about how I spend money online, and who I purchase from … Thank you for this information!

  48. Danny says:

    Great job on Part 1 of this video series. Looking forward to watching Part 2.

  49. aum says:


    So far great the world of internet like everything else is always changing.
    We all need to keep up or die………..
    Glad to know you and of your system.

  50. Julio says:

    I like it!!! It is pretty good information! Thank you

  51. Hello and thank you for your information, it is nice to hear from a person that really wants to help the beginner. This would be me but have beginning for to long, now is time to step up and do it, you have encouraged me to go, so thank you again and here I go.

  52. Ranadeb Ray says:

    Hello Brett,
    I have seen the entire video and you have explained very nicely the facts about IM and how to get traffic.
    I have joined your IM Springboard and hope to learn new things and methods and implement them and get positive results.

    Ranadeb Ray.

  53. James says:

    Really good stuff, hope I can put it to good use.

  54. Sam says:

    Thank you, Brett for sharing. Hope your teaching is different from others gurus. I’ve been trying forever to make my first dollars online, all I got to show for is a purchasing receipt from my credit card company. You would thougth those puchases yield a hefty returns. I did exactly what he showed me, but I got zero return and he got thousands. Don’t know what happened or do I really care, because just got my refund. I guess you would call me an “opportunity seeker”, but I haven’t quit yet.


  55. Jim says:

    Brett…Thank you for the insight and your experience in internet marketing. I have been following you for a long time, and I look forward to your messages. Still trying to find that “right” approach to internet marketing, and I believe that your approach is very sound. Thanks again for providing such beneficial information.

  56. James says:

    I enjoyed the Part1 lesson. I felt it was too short. Honest good information. I am looking farwaard to the Part 2 lesson. I am new to the internet and have several high organic web sites but making no money. I have cashed too many shinny objects and now decided to ignor the garus and push forward.
    Thanks agin for the honest facts you shared.

  57. Dave says:


    What a breath of fresh air this is. You described me to a tee as far as struggling to make money.. Can’t wait for part 2

  58. Benson says:

    Simple and straight forward advice. Thank you.

  59. Derek Perkins says:

    Very good advise brett, it will help me along the way.

  60. Davor says:

    Thanks Brett, great information, simple to follow, precise, no hype.

  61. Hi Brett. Thank you for your teaching. Great content.

  62. Netto says:

    Brett, you are making so much sense. Please continue with the training. You’re cutting right through…

  63. Andrew Muyunda says:

    Bret, this is a good package and as I start the process, am already feeling good.


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