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16 Responses to Internet Lifestyle Formula Part2

  1. Sonia says:

    Great! Thanks Brett.

  2. Roy says:

    Brett, Well done ! A first class explanation. However, how does one find his / her niche ? Most explain the niche to be one related to my inerests, then there are others who say, first find an active market, as my interests may not be within the active market !! It is confusing ? Then there others who say that there is a costly process of finding ones niche !! Now, I have broad interests how can I narow this down ?

    The balance of your presentation was excellent ! Thanks !!! = Roy

    • Brian says:

      Hello Roy, I can relate to narrowing down the niche.

      So many interests and passions I have. I love many things.

      I would think on what is being searched or trending via google and see if one of my interests is

      in there.

      Then like he said focus, or dig down deeper with more specific keywords.

  3. Ron says:

    Thanks for keeping the controls available so I can pause or repeat. You really do have the listener in mind with this information.

  4. Igor says:

    So simple and so god explained.

    Thank you Brett,


  5. Ashley says:

    Fantastic,awesome and great all at the same time Brett…

    dominating a smaller niche can really reap rewards when you’re the person on top of the pile in it


  6. Kenneth Johnson says:

    It was a very well explain lesson, alot of people never really thought about there niches but you explain well what to look for.

  7. Monica says:

    Hi Brett … Thank you for this information … I am just coming into internet marketing .. I have learned about niche building …
    In fact I am on the verge of trying it … I had a lot of questions about niche building, and through your wonderful generosity, I am having those questions answered … Thank you ..

  8. you make it sound so easy, but it makes sense.

  9. Gina says:

    Brett, thanks for these wonderful short lessons. I am A.D.D afflicted and at 60 years of age, it’s a real pain! But your lessons are just long enough so that I don’t lose focus! Brilliant presentation, simple to understand….now I don’t feel so scared to go out there and try marketing for myself.

  10. Dave says:


    Great content and easy to understand…. What a plus!!!

  11. Carol says:

    Good thoughts!

  12. Robbie says:

    Great presentation of what you need to do to get started.

  13. Davor says:

    great content, thanks, everything super explained

  14. Netto says:

    Brett, you continue to CLEARLY deliver the code for living the internet lifestyle (IL).

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