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Satisfaction Guarantee Statement

By using Coaching and Training Portal, you are eligible to the following Satisfaction Guarantee Statement terms

  • Coaching and Training Portal is content subscription material
  • team is dedicated to deliver focused guidance for each membership subscriber
  • content is carefully delivered to provide the highest value for each membership subscriber
  • Accessing as a full membership subscriber, as a Grace period member, or as One time only subscriber provide you with full access to material and support team
  • All subscribed members and one time subscription period access members are getting the benefits of points system and rewards equally
  • coaching team guarantee that you will get results, at the minimum you will recover all of your fees within 90 days of your program by following the step by step Internet Live Style Formula drafted to you by our coaching team, otherwise your membership will be extended for free as long as you are following our program according the illustrated conditions
  • Taking actions within our program consistently will put you on the track of making money online on shorter time span
  • Our coaching program have been tested and proven all over the world for all age groups and genders
  • As long as you are making good faith effort doing the required work explained to you, and you attended our training modules on timely manner and making action steps
  • You can contact our support team to schedule one-to-one coaching session for you over Skype or other agreed communication channel to provide you more guidance and customized coaching plan
  • By following our guidance steps, taking actions, you are still not getting results, no questions will be asked, your membership will be extended free of charge as long as you are not getting results from our coaching program
  • Terms & Conditions are applied to Satisfaction Guarantee Statement